Why Outsourcing Record Retrieval Saves You Money

Outsourcing medical record & document retrieval could save your law firm time and money.

The Internet is a storehouse of records, and some of these can be found merely by using a search engine. Attorneys that have been successful in locating assets, for example, may feel that record retrieval should stay in-house, and that record collection services are an unnecessary additional expense. However, experienced lawyers realize that in-house record retrieval does not always save money, and by outsourcing record retrieval, law firms can let their administrative and legal staff focus on case analysis and case strategy instead of haphazardly trying to retrieve records.

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How Much is Too Much? How to Balance Courtroom Tech and Graphics

The use of technology is ever present in society, and accordingly, the judicial system has followed suit. New technology can streamline the legal process and make it more accessible to people. Video testimonies and live internet streams allow witnesses and lawyers from all over the country to testify in a case.

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Tips for Using Video Testimony at Trial


Technology is increasing everywhere, including in the legal field and when offering testimony at a trial. Attorneys use video depositions when they want key witnesses in front of a court but the witnesses are unable to give live testimony. A video deposition allows an expert witness to present their professional perspective or a fact witness their story. Videos can show all of the nuanced body language and demeanor cues that a written affidavit or deposition transcript alone cannot convey. This effective use of technology serves the courts and the interested parties well.

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Tech in the Courtroom: Why You Need to Use Trial Graphics

trial graphics

These days, most legal professionals use some form of technology in the courtroom. But if you haven’t yet used trial graphics to support your legal arguments, you’re missing out on the many benefits that come with presenting images and videos at trial. If you have spent countless hours researching for your case (which is just one of the many roles of a criminal defense attorney) then you want your findings and evidence to be presented in the best possible way. This means that when you display all the things you’ve found in the research, the jury will take the evidence on board much easier than if you were to present it in any other way. If you are a trial lawyer or any other legal professional that is interested in bolstering your cases with the use of technology, take a look at what trial graphics are and how you can start using them in the courtroom.

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