trial presentation consultant

With today’s reliance on technology in nearly every situation, it makes sense to use it in the courtroom, too. In fact, if you try to ignore the benefits of trial technology, you might be hurting your case, as your trial presentation will likely have less impact if it lacks visual aids like images and videos. Jurors are like consumers, they buy with their eyes. If you don’t want to miss out on the many advantages of using the latest technology in the courtroom, take a look at the role a trial presentation consultant could play in your case.

Why You Need a Trial Presentation Consultant

Handling the legal aspects of your case takes most of your attention, leaving you with little time to think about the technical details of your courtroom presentation. In the days before it’s time to present your case in court, you’ll likely wish you had a professional who could help you set up the technology you want to use for your case. Enter the trial presentation consultant, whose job it is to assist you with every technology related aspect of presenting your case in court.

For example, when you work with a trial presentation consultant as you prepare your case, you’ll get help adding graphics and videos to your presentation, organizing exhibits for on the fly use, showing side by side exhibit comparisons or contradictions, highlighting or enlarging the text of documents, impeaching witness through use of video clips. In fact, the trial presentation consultant you work with can recommend the right presentation techniques to improve the impact of your case, whether that means using images, graphs, videos, document annotations or more. At Magna Legal Services, we’ll make sure you have access to a trial presentation consultant who is adept at information design and visual communication so you can make your case more compelling for the courtroom.

Magna’s Trial Presentation Services

If you’re already convinced of the many ways in which technology can benefit your case, your next question might be how to get help using technical tools to improve your trial presentation. Fortunately, you have access to Magna’s trial presentation services, making it easy to get a technology-based plan that is customized to your case.

When you first meet with a trial presentation consultant at Magna, you’ll get a carefully organized database that features all the documents, images, videos and depositions involved in your case. The consultant will then synchronize the videos to the corresponding transcripts for easy clip creation, manipulate the photos and annotate the documents you want to show at your trial presentation. Incorporating technology with your case in this way can increase its impact and make your visual aids easy for you to interact with as you present the case in court. And not only do Magna’s trial presentation services assist you in preparing your case ahead of time, but they also ensure you get help setting up and breaking down the technical equipment you use in court.

If improving the impact of your case in the courtroom is important to you, it’s time to boost your trial presentation with the right technology. But when you’re busy focusing on the law, you don’t have the time or training to deal with the technical requirements of your presentation. This is why Magna is happy to offer you the assistance of a trial presentation consultant who can help control how the evidence is presented and ensure you’re impacting your audience in the most effective manner. If you’re interested in finding out more about Magna’s trial presentation consultants, contact us today.