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Powerful, Persuasive Trial Graphics

Preparing for trial is incredibly time-consuming. No matter how exceptional your verbal presentation of the case is, visual components are the main elements that help your jury understand and retain information.

Magna’s expert graphics consultants focus on providing clients with demonstratives that effectively communicate technical, financial, medical and other complex information. Our experience, gained from thousands of hours of trial work, allows us to skillfully manage any presentation situation, from a high-stakes trial to a one-day mediation.

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Legal Graphics Services:

  • Interactive Timelines & Exhibit Sequences
  • On-site Graphics Support
  • 2D & 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Videography and Video Editing
  • Large Format Boards

Case-Winning Visual Communication

Do you know exactly what type of graphic you need? We can easily handle that assignment. Or do you have a complicated case story to tell, and no idea how to best visualize your facts into a persuasive presentation? Well, that’s where we really shine!

Our consultants are the best in the business. We will work closely with your team to design and produce clear visuals that convey your case story effectively. We have experience with just about every type of case, in almost every U.S. venue and several international ones.

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