Social Media Surveillance:

Social Media Surveillance for Jurors
Online Activity Monitoring with JuryScout®

How is the jury going to perceive your case?
Interpret a juror’s or potential juror’s online activity to discover any past experiences or biases which can affect their perception of your case.

JuryScout® can:

✔  Access information on jurors during jury selection, trial, & post-verdict

✔  Monitor a juror’s internet activity to ensure they are following court instructions, and also gain valuable insight into their thoughts & activities

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Online Activity Reports

JuryScout will gather information & compile detailed reports to enhance your trial strategy.
Magna will also monitor the subject’s online activity throughout the trial & post-verdict, including:

  • Social networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Blogs and Journals
  • Online Communities
  • Twitter and other microblogs
  • Message Boards
  • Social news sites
  • Business networks
  • Personal websites

Utilizing Online Activity For Jury Selection

As courts are by and large limiting access to jurors during jury selection, JuryScout can be used as a compliment to traditional jury selection services (such as voir dire questionnaire development and public records searches). Social media information may provide additional information on venire panelists which when compiled, may show political and religious affiliations, biases, and the like.

Predicting Juror Behavior

JuryScout can create detailed profiles for each individual juror based on their online habits, which include but are not limited to: frequency of updates (in terms of photos, status, and comments), the number of social network profiles each juror has, whether their blogs and profiles are protected (i.e., private vs. public), the number of online aliases, how much personal content is revealed within public forums, thoughts on current events, relevant trial issues or possible biases.

By creating a personalized matrix of information for each potential juror, JuryScout can provide additional insights into whether or not a juror has attributes that lead to