Debriefing in Law: Important for Your Future Performance

debriefing in law

Many legal professionals are aware of the importance of doing research before selecting members of a jury. That’s why jury focus groups are so beneficial prior to voir dire preparation. Importantly, it can be just as beneficial talking to jurors after a trial has concluded. Specifically, debriefing jurors after a trial can help both jurors gain closure on a case as well as help lawyers by providing valuable feedback and suggestions that can be utilized in future cases.  Here is how debriefing the jurors works and why it’s can be so important.

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Making Presentations Unforgettable: How a Consultant Can Maximize Your Impact

trial presentation consultant

With today’s reliance on technology in nearly every situation, it makes sense to use it in the courtroom, too. In fact, if you try to ignore the benefits of trial technology, you might be hurting your case, as your trial presentation will likely have less impact if it lacks visual aids like images and videos. Jurors are like consumers, they buy with their eyes. If you don’t want to miss out on the many advantages of using the latest technology in the courtroom, take a look at the role a trial presentation consultant could play in your case.

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