Extending Legal Services from End-to-End

Magna Legal Services goes where no legal company has gone before. Instead of just focusing on juries or some other specific part of the litigation process, Magna handles everything from discovery to trial.

The Start of Something Great

Peter Hecht, Bob Ackerman, Jon Ackerman and Mark Calzaretta identified a hole in the legal services market. No litigation support companies offered true end-to-end legal services. Those that tried, did so by focusing in one area and contracting out others — sacrificing control and quality along the way. Magna integrates everything from start to finish.

The Magna Difference

To this day, no other company matches Magna’s range of services. Magna is the only company with organic roots providing services in both discovery, pre-trial and trial. The company’s JuryConfirm and patent-pending JuryEvaluator software have completely disrupted how attorneys pick juries and tailor their cases to them. The reason Magna’s software has been so successful is because Magna developed it backwards from other companies. Instead of building a product and trying to find clients, Magna found what clients needed and built software to fit those needs.

However, Magna is much more than technology. Magna’s jury consultants have decades of bench strength, have seen what works and what doesn’t, and are educated in psychological profiles. 

Our Philosophy

When their clients talk, Magna listens — and that’s their strong recipe for success. Magna is always looking for new ways to innovate, whether it’s improving tools like JuryConfirm and JuryEvaluator, or developing new products. Magna also continues to evolve their basic services, allowing them to always provide the most advanced, cutting-edge trial graphics.

One of the biggest sources of inspiration for Magna is the five-question survey every deposition client gets when they receive their transcript. The survey is designed to identify signs of unhappiness or dissatisfaction even when clients aren’t open about it. When a potential problem is identified, Magna proactively reaches out and works with the client to get things back on track.

Every action Magna employees take is driven by customer satisfaction. The company is sales-based, but the sales depend on relationships and repeat business. Relationship managers have strong incentives to keep their customers happy.

The Future of Legal

Trials will never lose the feel of Columbo and Matlock. It always has been and always will be about the story. The only difference will be in how the story is told. You can already see how new technology is used on modern shows like Law & Order, Bull and CSI. While these shows often stretch technology beyond current reality, that technology may very well be both reality and routine in the near future. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are also ready to break out both to enhance trial presentations and to help cases settle sooner and clear docket backlogs.

Attorneys must adapt to this new technology, not just because judges and jurors will expect to see it, but because of the changing demands of the business. Better predictive technology directly aligns with the constant pressure to settle cases sooner and for less. Lawyers will also need the efficiency that comes with technology to free up time to continue providing the highest level of attention to their cases.

Mark Your Calendar

Magna hosts three major events each year in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Miami. They’re a combination of education, networking, and entertainment — what they like to call, “Edutainment” seminars.  Attorneys and claims professionals can receive CLE or CE credits while having a great time. What’s truly unique is the opportunity to meet new people by way of their Magna rep. It’s not always easy to meet people at events, so having someone there looking out for you makes a world of difference. We also have opportunities to become a sponsor, moderator, or panelist. If you aren’t able to attend, you can always call them or speak to one of their representatives to bring a mini Magna CLE/CE to your local office. 

Ready to get started with Magna Legal Services? Give them a call at (866) 624-6221 or schedule a deposition directly.