Jury Research Tools: Jury Consulting & Case Evaluation

jury research tools

Despite months of trial preparation, there is one factor that litigators cannot really control: how the jury responds to oral arguments. Unfortunately, the jury’s point of view is ultimately what decides the case. Litigators need insight into how those decision-makers will likely respond to certain lines of argument so they can be the best advocate for their clients.

It has always been challenging to predict juror behavior, but that hurdle has increased with many people accustomed to fictionalized evidence protocols on television dramas. Lawyers face a barrier by having to bridge the gap between juror expectation and reality. Fortunately, there are a number of tools available for law firms to maximize their chances for trial success.

Jury Consulting: What Is It?

Jury consulting is a comprehensive service to gain insight into the perspectives of jurors in order to help attorneys to appropriately develop their trial strategy. In a competitive legal landscape, law firms face greater pressure to serve their clients to the greatest possible capacity.

In a trial setting, they are up against a firm on the other side who may already be using investigative techniques to get jurors on their side. Cases that proceed to trial may have high stakes, both for the plaintiffs and defense, leading lawyers to do what they can to win. Jury consulting has become a necessary part of trial preparation, not restricted to just large firms with well-known clients.

Magna offers jury consulting from all angles, employing extensive research and analysis to give lawyers the knowledge they need before, during and after jury selection. Magna’s work makes it easier to pinpoint potential juror biases, so attorneys do not simply make vague guesses based on their own knowledge of the case. Specifically, Magna offers:

  • Community perception studies
  • Change of venue studies
  • Juror profiling studies
  • Focus groups and mock trials
  • Witness communication training
  • Social media research and surveillance
  • Shadow juries
  • Jury Evaluator damages assessment
  • In-Court trial monitoring

In sum, Magna is part of the litigation team from the moment it becomes clear a case is going to trial. By gathering statistically relevant and perceptive information, Magna gives lawyers the tools they need to present their case effectively in a courtroom. Before the case even begins, Magna’s team helps attorneys to get to know their potential jurors, including those who may be less sympathetic to their client or cynical about the evidence presented.

Jury Evaluator: New Tool to Assess Damages

One of the most mysterious, and essential, aspects of a case is the amount of a potential damage award. Knowing what the jury may award is central to risk management and settlement strategy. Without deep insight into the perspective of the jurors, however, a damage assessment is largely guesswork.

Magna’s Jury Evaluator tool takes the guesswork out of damage assessment. Through a proprietary process, Magna is able to assess the reaction of real people from the jury pool to the specific case. Using a combination of real interviews and simulated analysis, Magna gives attorneys a figure upon which they can base their negotiations.

Learn About Jury Consulting From Magna

Magna is a trusted partner of law firms throughout the U.S. Jury consulting services help attorneys to build the strongest case for their clients, upholding their duty as advocates and raising their professional stature. To learn what Magna can do for your law firm, contact us today.