What to Expect from Magna in 2021

Hello, fellow COVID-19 haters! Like you, I can’t wait to slam the door on 2020. The year was a disaster for so many of us, both professionally and personally. To say the pandemic was difficult would be a ridiculous understatement. Magna LS would not have survived 2020 without our dedicated staff and network of kick-ass court reporters. Both groups have made taking virtual depos second nature. Lastly, I would like to extend a HUGE “Muchas Gracias” to all of our clients! Together, we found new and old litigation support tools to expedite our recovery and get our respective businesses back online. So, bye-bye 2020!  Here is what you can expect to see from us in 2021:

1. The same “No Charge” commitment we made in 2020 for our virtual depo platform will continue in full force in cities and states that are still struggling to reopen during the pandemic. Click HERE to schedule a virtual deposition.

2. More COVID-19 juror impact studies and complimentary “Results” roundtables. To learn more about our juror studies, contact me or your account rep at 866-624-6221. 

3. Two new brick-and-mortar offices. When the dust settles, visit our office space in Downtown LA and Fort Lauderdale, FL. More conference rooms with all the AV bells and whistles! Click HERE for a full list of Magna office locations.

4. My fingers are crossed and I’m knocking on wood in hopes that our mock trial fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “Chopped for CHOP”, will finally return on June 2nd and 3rd and I am super confident we will be doing some awesome unconventional conventioning with our “Battle of the Experts” seminar on October 6th and 7th at The W Hotel in South Beach, Miami! Click HERE to see our conference schedule.

5. Oh, yeah…. more webinars, both big and small. More CE & CLE courses. Click HERE to stay up to date on our webinars.

6. Lastly, our team is locked and loaded for travel as soon as the COVID coast is clear. So…. we will be seeing you in the flesh in 2021.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Kwanza and Happy New Year! I hate COVID-19!

Peter Hecht, Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales, Magna Legal Services

Effectively Communicating With Jurors In A Patent Case

Webinar originally aired live on 12.16.2020

Law.com covered a great webinar that aired live last week, hosted by Magna Legal Services and Winston & Strawn.

“I felt like I learned more about IP trial strategy in one hour Wednesday from Alan Albright, Tom Melsheimer, Matt Powers and Rachel York Colangelo than I did during the rest of 2020″, Law.com reporter, Scott Graham stated.

“Maybe it was Winston & Strawn partner Mike Tomasulo‘s easygoing style of moderating, or maybe it was Tensegrity Law partner Matt Powers‘ tranquil Zoom background. Whatever it was, Winston and Magna Legal Services‘ webinar, “Effectively Communicating With Jurors in a Patent Case,” had the feel of IP trial veterans sharing tricks of the trade over cocktails—with some jury research science thrown in for good measure.”

Click here to read key takeaways in the full Law.com article

Moderated by:
– Michael A Tomasulo, Partner, Winston & Strawn

Panelists include:
– Judge Alan D Albright, District Court Judge, Western District of Texas
– Tom Melsheimer, Dallas Managing Partner, Winston & Strawn
– Matt Powers, Partner, Tensegrity Law Group
– Rachel York Colangelo, Ph.D., National Managing Director Jury Consulting, Magna Legal Services

Hosted by:
– Peter Hecht, Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales, Magna Legal Services
– Meredith Cherry, Business Development Manager, Magna Legal Services

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