Magna Legal Services Releases New “Jury e-Valuator” to Assess Potential Damages

Case Valuation Tool Created to Answer Critical Litigation Question: “How much is my case worth?”
Philadelphia, PA, March 11, 2015 — Magna Legal Services, one of the country’s largest jury research, litigation graphics, social media, record retrieval, e-discovery and court reporting companies, has announced the launch of Jury e-Valuator, a leap forward in research methodology for determining case value. Created directly in response to the need for a damages assessment tool that can help accurately assess risk exposure, Jury e-Valuator is a scientific new approach for predicting potential damages if the case were to go to trial.

Traditional forms of verdict searches are flawed for several reasons, the least of which is that the searched case is not “your” case. Verdict searches rely on outdated verdicts that do not reflect current attitudes of jurors or rely on juror determinations in cases involving different fact patterns from your case. Jury e-Valuator, on the other hand, provides damages estimates based on a representative sample of jurors from the trial venue who react to your specific case facts.

According to Mark Calzaretta, senior vice president of litigation consulting at Magna Legal Services, “68% of attorneys either over or under value their cases, meaning cases are continually valued incorrectly because of a lack of pertinent, timely information. Without Jury e-Valuator, in-house counsel and claims professionals are left to two options when assessing case value: asking counsel for educated opinions, or conducting traditional verdict searches.”

Using proprietary methodology and analysis, Jury e-Valuator provides a scientific- and statistically based damages assessment of cases. The results of the research provide damage estimates for different jury compositions in the trial venue. The tool provides with 90% accuracy the potential range of damages if the case went to a trial jury.

Jury e-Valuator assesses risk and value but also reduces legal fees, resolves cases quicker, and helps win better settlements. “Jury e-Valuator not only assesses risk, but can reduce the cost of the overall legal spend because it cuts down on the cycle time of the case,” said Calzaretta.

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