Graphic Designer vs. Graphics Consultant

What is the difference between a Graphic Designer & a Graphics Consultant?

Visual components are the main elements that help your jury understand and retain information.

Expert graphics consultants provide demonstratives that effectively communicate technical, financial, medical and other complex information.

Click below to learn more or to request a complimentary case consultation with an expert graphics consultant.

Visual Commuication: Controlling the Story

Controlling the Story with Trial Graphics

When presenting your trial story, the picture each juror is painting in their minds will vary from juror to juror. Using visual communications will help control the story you are trying to tell, and help alleviate past experiences and biases.

Control the narrative will trial graphics. Click below to learn more or to request a complimentary case consultation with an expert graphics consultant.

Magna Legal Services Acquires Barkley Court Reporters, Inc.

Magna Legal Services Acquires Barkley Court Reporters

Magna Legal Services expands deeper into the west coast court reporting market with the acquisition of Barkley Court Reporters, Inc..

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Magna Legal Services is pleased to announce the acquisition of Barkley Court Reporters, Inc..

Barkley is a leading provider of court reporting and deposition technology services for law firms and corporations. Barkley was founded in 1972 with the mission of giving attorneys ready access to like-minded court reporters whenever and wherever needed. Over the last decade, Barkley has expanded its service offerings and established itself as a key player in court reporting and deposition technology services.

Barkley represents a highly complementary acquisition for Magna that enhances Magna’s existing capabilities in court reporting. “Barkley is a fantastic fit with Magna,” said Mark Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Magna. “We have a shared emphasis on providing our clients with best-in-class service quality and assistance. We look forward to our collaboration with Barkley.” Peter Hecht, Founding Partner and Magna’s Executive Vice President of Sales, said, “Barkley is a great addition to Magna and adds significant coverage for our west coast clients. We are excited to work together with the Barkley team to continue to deliver exceptional service while providing the convenience of one-stop shop advantages with the introduction of our medical record retrieval and litigation consulting services.”

“Magna is the perfect next chapter for Barkley,” said Mason Farmani, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Barkley. “We are highly enthusiastic about joining forces and being a part of a scaled, industry leader like Magna, and believe it will allow us to provide even better services to our clients while accelerating growth in our business. I am excited about what this partnership will bring for our clients, court reporters and team.”

Existing Barkley operations will continue business as usual, and Barkley clients will receive the same level of high-quality customer support as prior to the acquisition.

About Magna Legal Services

Magna is a leading provider of litigation support services to law firms, insurance companies, and corporations, offering a broad array of services that support clients through each phase of the litigation process, including court reporting, graphics design, jury consulting, record retrieval, and translation services.

Modern Jury Research Technology: Online Solutions for Increased Reliability & Convenience

Both modern and traditional jury consulting practices can help attorneys gain insight into how jurors are likely to respond to case facts before entering the courtroom. However, powerful advances in technology make jury research more statistically reliable, easier to conduct and more cost-effective than ever before.

In this article, we’ll break down how modern jury consulting services work and how they may benefit you ahead of your next big trial date. 

Benefits of Using Modern Jury Consulting Technology

Advanced technology in jury research increases the reliability and understanding associated with potential juror decisions. 

These solutions offer huge benefits when dealing with complex, high-value cases, so it is imperative attorneys understand every tool at their disposal. 

Benefits include:

  • Larger data pools
  • Increased statistical reliability
  • Robust findings
  • Convenient & time-efficient sessions
  • Quick turnaround of analysis
  • Cost-effective
  • Real-time polling
  • & more

Advanced Data Analysis with Modern Jury Research Solutions

With modern jury research, attorneys are able to access larger pools of data for analysis with increased convenience and efficiency.

This benefits legal teams looking to:

  • Gauge a reliable range of potential damages if the case went to a jury trial
  • Test themes, storylines & venue climate in order to prepare the most effective trial strategy
  • Use jurors’ social media & online activity backgrounds to discover potential biases & past experiences during jury selection and throughout the trial

A standard trial jury comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds and views, most without legal expertise. As such, they can be unpredictable. Technical consulting solutions provide a wide range of insights at every stage of the trial process. 

Online Tools for Reliable Jury Research

There are several solutions that offer powerful insight into potential jury outcomes ahead of an important trial date:

Online Focus Groups & Mock Trials with JuryConfirm

Featuring Evidence Analyzer Powered by AI

JuryConfirm is a highly comprehensive virtual jury research platform. Attorneys present their cases to jurors in their trial venue. Jurors then deliberate at length in the virtual courtroom, displaying their video feeds to preserve the ability to read emotions & body language. The Evidence Analyzer uses AI technology to assess juror reactions and provide related insights on your case presentation. 

Evidence Analyzer Powered by AI
Automatically takes notes & monitors jurors reactions & feedback to the presentations

Live Attorney Presentations with Limitless Capabilities
Display & annotate exhibits, videos & other visual aids in real-time

Simulated Courtroom Environment
Interactive juror profiles & live video feed of juror deliberations and attorney presentations

Real-Time Results
Fully customized questionnaires, polling & presentation feedback

Detailed Reporting
Featuring strategic recommendations and key take-aways

This comprehensive, technologically advanced framework provides all the benefits of both remote and in-person mock trials. 

Damages Assessment with JuryEvaluator

Magna’s patent-pending case valuation tool, JuryEvaluator®, offers a scientific and statistically significant damages assessment for your actual case from your actual jury pool.

This research considers the effect of current media climate to provide insight into your case risk, exposure & value.

  • Research conducted in your case venue using your actual case facts
  • Research captures present-day surrogate juror attitudes and biases
  • Statistical analyses provide a reliable range of potential damages if the case went to a jury trial (economic, non-economic & punitive)

Damages Assessment Report includes:

  • Methodology & Respondent Demographics
  • Juror Questionnaire Responses
  • Jury Simulation Data Analyses: Traditional & Pro-Plaintiff
  • Case Script
  • Juror Open-Ended Responses & Analysis with Key Takeaways
  • Damages Analysis & Allocation of Fault

Social Media Surveillance for Jurors with JuryScout

Interpret a juror’s or potential juror’s online activity to discover any past experiences or biases which can affect their perception of your case with JuryScout.

JuryScout uses include:

  • Jury Selection:
    As courts are limiting access to jurors during jury selection, online activity reports can provide additional information to show past experiences, political and religious affiliations & more.
  • Predicting Juror Behavior:
    By creating a personalized matrix of information for each potential juror, JuryScout provides insight into whether a juror has attributes that lead to bias.
  • Post-Verdict:
    Here’s an example: Following an unfavorable verdict on a high-profile case, JuryScout found cached information which located four jurors who violated the court’s instructions. Counsel was able to use this information as part of the appeal.

Which Jury Consulting Method is Right for Your Case?

Be confident in knowing how a jury is likely to approach your case.

Magna Legal Services offers a full array
of litigation consulting services, including risk assessment & strategic recommendations.

Our experienced jury consultants use a multi-phase jury research methodology to ensure the statistical reliability and robustness of our findings

Request a free case consultation with Magna today to see how we can assist you in providing the best possible representation for your clients.

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