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These days, most legal professionals use some form of technology in the courtroom. But if you haven’t yet used trial graphics to support your legal arguments, you’re missing out on the many benefits that come with presenting images and videos at trial. If you have spent countless hours researching for your case (which is just one of the many roles of a criminal defense attorney) then you want your findings and evidence to be presented in the best possible way. This means that when you display all the things you’ve found in the research, the jury will take the evidence on board much easier than if you were to present it in any other way. If you are a trial lawyer or any other legal professional that is interested in bolstering your cases with the use of technology, take a look at what trial graphics are and how you can start using them in the courtroom.

What Are Trial Graphics and What Can They Do?

Trial graphics are meant to provide the jury with a graphic representation of some of the details of the case. Merely describing a situation doesn’t always do it justice, especially when your audience has very little knowledge of the legal terms or factual concepts you might use or discuss. That is why you need trial graphics to help paint the picture you are trying to get across. Trial graphics can range from simple still images and videos to charts and graphs to PowerPoints or even animations. No matter what type of graphics you show in the courtroom, this type of trial presentation technology can provide jurors with evidence that is not only graphically appealing but also organized and easy for them to understand.

Trial Graphics Can Be Tailored to Fit Your Needs

At Magna, we understand no two cases are the same. That means there’s a need for customized graphics for every case, which is why we make sure to tailor all our graphics for each client. If you think the pictures you have are enough to convince the jury, we will arrange and present them in a way that we believe will have the most impact on the audience. If you have a video you’d like to show in the courtroom, we will create the right setup to ensure everyone can see and hear it during the trial. And if you need us to make some important data more visually appealing for the jury, we can make a chart or graph to show in court. The options are endless, as they’re dependent on the facts of your case, so you can count on us to carefully determine your trial graphic needs during the case intake phase before moving on to the next stage of the process. Magna’s graphic consultants are more than just a production house for graphics. Our consultants, with years of experience are able to design and present graphic options for you. That is our expertise and value added.

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Trial Graphics Can Make an Opening Statement Powerful and Persuasive

Opening statements at trial are your first opportunity to tell your story and shape the jurors’ perception of the case. After all, that first impression is critical, as that is when the jurors will begin forming their opinion of the case. If you want to get off on the right foot in the courtroom, you need the best opening statement possible, which is why seasoned trial attorneys recognize that the use of graphics at the beginning and end of the trial are important times to use trial graphics. If one of the supporting pieces of evidence for your case is an email, for example, it might make sense to show a screenshot of it rather than simply read it. If you have a powerful picture or video clip that will affect the jurors’ emotions, the opening statement is often an effective time to present this visually. You can count on us to help you determine which trial graphics would be the most advantageous for the opening statement of your case.

Trial Graphics Can Help Make Complex Concepts Easy to Understand

While it is good to have statistics on your side, not everyone fully comprehends the numbers you are reading to them. That is where trial graphics come in. They can turn difficult details, such as complex numbers, into concepts that are easier to understand. No amount of proof is going to help your case if your jurors simply don’t comprehend it, so it’s your job to break it down into information they can easily take in. At Magna, we know just how to do this using eye-appealing visuals, such as graphs, so you don’t have to worry about this part of your case before trial.

Our Trial Graphics Services

Now that you know how helpful trial graphics can be, you might be wondering where to get these services before your next day in court. At Magna, we’re proud to help legal professionals with their court cases through a variety of skills, with one being trial graphics services. You can depend on our team to take a close look at your case details and then carefully determine what kind of graphics would best serve you and your client. At that point, we will walk you through the graphics and we will also make arrangements for equipment setup in the courtroom.

No matter what kind of case you have and what type of graphics you’re looking for, the team at Magna would be happy to help you. To learn more about our trial presentation services, please contact us today!11 Things to Look for in a Court Reporting Service