What is your case worth?

JuryEvaluator offers a scientific and statistically significant damages assessment for your ACTUAL CASE from your ACTUAL JURY POOL
JuryEvaluator is Magna’s unique patent-pending damages and liability assessment tool that provides insight into your case risk, exposure, and value via our cost-effective, proprietary process.

  • Results based on research using your actual case facts
  • Research captures present-day surrogate juror attitudes and biases
  • Research conducted in your actual venue
  • Research based on current media climate and attitude
  • Statistical analyses provide the potential range of damages if the case went to a trial jury
  • Optional Juror Profiling analysis

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Methodology for Assessing Case Value

JuryEvaluator uses scientific and statistically based methodology to provide an evaluation and perceptions of potential damages by surrogate jurors in your venue.

Juror Recruitment
Magna screens and recruits a representative sample of 100 venue-specific, jury-eligible respondents

Pre-Simulation Questionnaire
Jurors log into Magna’s secure platform to answer pre-simulation demographic, attitudinal and case related questions

Case Summary Preparation
– Document review
– Script writing & editing
– Video editing & presentation: exhibits, videos & demonstratives

Jurors view a neutral case-overview video

JuryEvaluator Questionnaire 
Surrogate jurors provide verdict orientation and individual damage amounts

Magna uses proprietary algorithms and statistical analysis to compile the JuryEvaluator report

Damages Assessment Report

  • Methodology & Respondent Demographics
  • Juror Questionnaire Responses
  • Jury Simulation Data Analyses:
    Traditional & Pro-Plaintiff / Worst Case Scenario
  • Case Script
  • Open-Ended Responses:
    Key Takeaways & Allocation of Fault
  • Statistically Reliable Range of Damages:
    Economic, Non-Economic & Punitive

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Anthony Cortese - Naples Conference, FL 2012

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Michael Coffey - Naples Conference, FL 2012

Magna’s Jury Confirm is one of the most valuable, innovative, and affordable litigation tools I have encountered.

Christopher Greene - Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Canal Insurance Company

I’ve done my share of mocks and focus groups. What I like about Magna’s process is their ability to convert the juror data into meaningful and effective recommendations. And most importantly, they tell me what I need to hear and that’s not always what I want to hear.

Richard Fabian - General Counsel, Director of Litigation, Executive Vice President, The RiverStone Group

There are jury consultants that do mock trials and then there jury consultants who help make the case… I know when I retain Mark Calzaretta of Magna LS, I’m getting someone who not only immerses himself into the mock trial exercise but takes the time to help the trial team implement the findings into a successful trial strategy.

Robert F. Tyson, Jr - Managing Partner, Tyson & Mendes