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Over the past decade, Magna has conducted more online studies than anyone in the world – by far. We have run over 2,000 online jury research exercises, working with over 25,000 mock jurors.

Magna is now offering JuryConfirm 20/20® – the most powerful, efficient, cost-effective virtual jury research platform anywhere. It means jury research based on the most modern user interface, with cutting edge features.

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Modern Jury Research Technology

JuryConfirm 20/20® not only allows us to run half-day exercises as before, but long-format 7 hour “plus” sessions as well. Our enhanced JuryConfirm 20/20+ platform is far more robust in capability and duration than ever before. It allows you to conduct extended focus groups in which everyone – presenters, observers, and jurors – participate remotely from their location.

JuryConfirm® uses the same methodology as in-person research, with the added convenience and efficiency of the virtual platform. Lawyers present their cases for up to 60 minutes and jurors deliberate at length in our virtual courtroom, displaying their webcam feeds to preserve the ability to read emotions and body language.

JuryConfirm® Platform:

  • Evidence analyzer
  • Live video juror deliberations
  • Redesigned immersive courtroom
  • Live attorney presentations
  • Unlimited research methodologies
  • Limitless visual presentations with unrestricted video
  • More live jurors (up to 64) & juror deliberation panels than ever before
  • Enhanced juror feedback with artificial intelligence-powered analytic tools
  • “Instant” reporting

AI Technology

with Evidence Analyzer

Taking notes and watching jurors, so you don’t have to.
The world’s first Evidence Analyzer, which uses “smart logic” and AI to automatically catalog the high and low points throughout your case presentation.

Virtual Focus Group Sessions

With an extended session of 7 hours, longer presentations and more deliberations than our traditional platform, this format bridges the gap between in-person research and online jury research. JuryConfirm® is the cost-effective, virtual solution to testing key themes and demonstratives. You’ll conduct live presentations and watch jurors deliberate in real-time via webcams.

Our new 20/20+ platform offers:

  • A longer research day, at 7 hours per session
  • Longer attorney presentations, at 60 minutes per side, plaintiff and defense
  • Longer deliberations, now with live video feed – Jurors have more time to deliberate than in our standard JuryConfirm® platform to mimic the amount of deliberation time in in-person studies
  • Juror rating system with real-time feedback that can be broken along demographic lines
  • Streamlined efficiency – By hosting research virtually, we save time by minimizing break lengths and juror down time. Managing the jurors more efficiently helps preserve the advantages of a full day’s research within the 6.5 hour time frame

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Magna also offers a wide range of online legal services in addition to JuryConfirm 20/20® and 20/20+®. Our online damages assessment tool, JuryEvaluator, provides you with an evaluation of potential damages by surrogate jurors. We also offer social media surveillance for plaintiffs / claimants (ClaimScout) and social media surveillance searches on prospective jurors (JuryScout).

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Anthony Cortese - Naples Conference, FL 2012

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Michael Coffey - Naples Conference, FL 2012

Magna’s Jury Confirm is one of the most valuable, innovative, and affordable litigation tools I have encountered.

Christopher Greene - Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Canal Insurance Company

I’ve done my share of mocks and focus groups. What I like about Magna’s process is their ability to convert the juror data into meaningful and effective recommendations. And most importantly, they tell me what I need to hear and that’s not always what I want to hear.

Richard Fabian - General Counsel, Director of Litigation, Executive Vice President, The RiverStone Group

There are jury consultants that do mock trials and then there jury consultants who help make the case… I know when I retain Mark Calzaretta of Magna LS, I’m getting someone who not only immerses himself into the mock trial exercise but takes the time to help the trial team implement the findings into a successful trial strategy.

Robert F. Tyson, Jr - Managing Partner, Tyson & Mendes