Online Focus Groups & Jury Research

Over the past decade, Magna has conducted more online studies than anyone in the world – by far. We have run over 2,000 online jury research exercises, working with over 25,000 mock jurors.

Magna is now offering JuryConfirm 20/20 – the most powerful, efficient, cost-effective virtual jury research platform anywhere. It means jury research based on the most modern user interface, with cutting edge features.

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Modern Jury Research Technology

JuryConfirm 20/20 not only allows us to run half-day exercises as before, but long-format 7 hour “plus” sessions as well. Our enhanced JuryConfirm 20/20+ platform is far more robust in capability and duration than ever before. It allows you to conduct extended focus groups in which everyone – presenters, observers, and jurors – participate remotely from their location.

JuryConfirm uses the same methodology as in-person research, with the added convenience and efficiency of the virtual platform. Lawyers present their cases for up to 60 minutes and jurors deliberate at length in our virtual courtroom, displaying their webcam feeds to preserve the ability to read emotions and body language.

JuryConfirm Platform:

  • Evidence analyzer
  • Live video juror deliberations
  • Redesigned immersive courtroom
  • Live attorney presentations
  • Unlimited research methodologies
  • Limitless visual presentations with unrestricted video
  • More live jurors (up to 64) & juror deliberation panels than ever before
  • Enhanced juror feedback with artificial intelligence-powered analytic tools
  • “Instant” reporting