In-Person Focus Groups
& Mock Trials

Magna’s focus groups and mock trials provide a true test of your case and its key issues, such as jurors’ reactions to key evidence, witnesses, arguments, and themes.

Adversarial Focus Groups and Mock Trials

Mock jurors are recruited from the trial venue (or a surrogate venue, when requested) and will be matched demographically, socioeconomically, and attitudinally to accurately represent a cross-section of the community in which the case will be tried. Mock jurors will observe adversarial “clopening” presentations on behalf of both the plaintiff and defense, supported by relevant exhibits, demonstratives, and witness testimony.

Data will be collected, analyzed, and reported in the following ways:

  • Juror Response System:
    Each juror provides instant, real-time feedback to the case presentations by using a remote controlled response keypad. This real-time feedback is analyzed to identify which information and arguments jurors perceived as strong or weak.
  • Juror Polling:
    Individually, jurors use their keypads to respond to a series of polls throughout the presentation phase, in order to gauge their reactions to the case and identify verdict orientation at each stage. These electronic polls are administered before jurors hear any case information (pre-stimulus or voir dire-type questions) and then after each case presentation (post-presentations).
  • Deliberations:
    After observing the case presentations and receiving relevant jury instructions, the mock jurors deliberate to a verdict in two or more breakout rooms.  Magna consultants then conduct moderated post-verdict discussions to elicit further juror feedback on specific issues of interest to the trial team.
  • Analysis and Reporting:
    The results of our jury consultants’ analysis of the focus group/mock trial results will be reported back to the trial team in a comprehensive strategic report.  The report is designed to identify key themes, strategies, risks, and recommendations to assist you in developing the most compelling story for trial. Where appropriate, we will provide guidance as to trial graphics and demonstratives that can support your client’s most effective themes and case narrative.

Exploratory & Solution-Generating Focus Groups

Exploratory and solution-oriented focus groups allow us to test and explore specific case issues with mock jurors. Jurors observe issue-based presentation segments (rather than adversarial case presentations) and offer their reactions to particular evidence, witnesses, arguments, and topics.

These initial focus groups can inform us as to what questions jurors have about the evidence/testimony, what additional information they would like to see or hear on certain subjects, what information they feel is most important and/or least relevant to a verdict determination, what issues jurors are most interested in, what themes they tend to latch onto, and what their general verdict orientations are.

Magna consultants use the feedback garnered from these exploratory focus groups to develop and refine an effective defense case strategy.

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