Witness Communication

Witness Preparation Consultants

Jurors consider themselves experts on people, so the impressions made by a witness can strongly influence a jury’s decision making.  This is especially true when such impressions are negative.

Our consultants help witnesses develop a deeper understanding of the themes, context, and purpose of their testimony. We also explain to witnesses jurors’ expectations for their testimony, and we correct behaviors that get in the way of jurors’ positive perceptions.

Magna consultants help witnesses feel more in control of their testimony while adhering to the rules of testimony and to avoid being “advocates” for their side of the case. We develop “safe harbors” that give witnesses structure and tools to deal with tough cross-examination questions.

We use videotape feedback to help witnesses identify what the jurors may perceive. These tools will allow your witnesses to practice strategies for responding to challenging questions and delivering the most effective message at trial.

Fact Witness or Eyewitness Prep

Helps witnesses develop a deeper understanding of their testimony and correct behaviors that get in the way of jurors’ positive perceptions

Expert Witness Training

Helps expert witnesses understand the role of their testimony and practice staying on-course and remaining faithful to their beliefs.

Corporate Representative Training

Training company representatives to present a confident, clear and well-perceived testimony. We will work to develop and practice home base messages to which they can retreat when they are threatened or challenged

Anti-Reptile Training

Helps witnesses identify and not fall prey to manipulative or reptile attacks

Witness Preparation & Training:

  • Manages anxiety with knowledge and practice
  • Clarifies the deponent’s role in the case
  • Teaches witnesses case themes
  • Develops Home Base messages
  • Creates visuals witnesses can use to guide jurors
  • Provides techniques for effectively handling documents and exhibits
  • Helps witnesses meet juror expectations

Witness preparation can alleviate anxiety from the virtual setting by:

  • Reviewing procedures for pauses, objections, and exhibits
  • Instructing deponents where to look for the most natural and effective presentation (particularly if being recorded)
  • Familiarizing participants with the remote platform’s features (chats, mute, viewing exhibits, etc.)

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