Hello, Fellow Court Reporters

It’s an exciting time of renewal. Leaves and flowers will be blooming. Days are longer and warmer. It’s an all-around uplifting time of year.

The extra hours of daylight offer us an opportunity to be more productive, and studies have shown that it can also elevate your mood. Spring can be a time to try new things. Plan something special for yourself or your family. Maybe a painting class, a vacation, or commit to taking a walk each day.

If you’re planning a spring project, make a list. Lists are helpful to keep you organized and focused. But instead of just a list of tasks to accomplish in a day or a week, try time-blocking. Experts say that time-blocking can increase your productivity. It’s simple….just “block off” the time you need to complete a task on your list. This way you will be sure to start and finish, instead of getting pulled in another direction.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful kickoff to the season!

Holli Goldman
Court Reporter and Court
Reporter Liaison

We are on the Video Record

Video-Synchronization and the deposition transcript.

Many attorneys are requesting videotaped depositions to be synchronized to the transcript. This process involves a significant amount of work by our video department. It is also something that we reporters need to be mindful of since our transcripts can be read with the audio simultaneously playing. My practice has been to get a copy of the audio file from the videographer and go over the transcript with their audio.

To make this process easier, I