During the discovery process, there are certain things to be gained from an in-person deposition ⎼ like an account of body language and the ability to adjust your strategy in real-time. Unfortunately, your busy schedule and travel distances don’t always allow that. You can send another attorney, but they’re still bringing you back secondhand information and may not handle surprises exactly as you would have. Interactive internet deposition services offer you a solution that gives you everything you need without the cost.

How a Remote Deposition Works

Remote depositions give you the live interaction you’re looking for without the travel time and cost. When set up properly, they’re almost exactly the same as appearing in-person and may even help you better prepare for trial.

What You Need

At a minimum, you need an internet connection and a personal device. A video phone call can meet your most basic needs, but you’ll probably want a more advanced setup.

Improving Collaboration

As an attorney, you’ve probably endured many conference calls where volume or connection was an issue. For a remote deposition, you may want each person to have their own microphone. Microphones may either be worn or at each seat to provide crystal-clear sound quality no matter who is talking. In addition, you may also opt to use instant messaging features to talk to your other attorneys, opposing counsel, or tech support without interrupting the deposition.

Creating a Record

Most video tools will allow you to record what’s happening. This gives you a record you can refer back to as well as the ability to replay portions of the deposition in court.

How Remote Deposition Services Get the Job Done

Remote deposition services, like Magna Legal Vision, provide a cost-effective solution to remote video conferences. You get a robust technology package along with state-of-the-art facilities that help you build a compelling case.

Unlike other video setups, Magna is specifically designed for court. In addition to standard video recording, editing, and playback, you can sync with a transcript, redact for trial, and link to exhibits. During the deposition, you can share exhibits using a projector or laptop, or you can even have witnesses annotate them on a touch screen monitor.

Remote deposition services also take out the need to find and set up deposition rooms. You can use one of Magna’s own facilities, or we can ship everything you need wherever you are.

When you want to save time and money on travel, but still want all the benefits of a live deposition, interactive internet depositions with Magna will help you get the job done. To find out more about how a live deposition helps you build your case, download our free guide, The Exploding Verdict. If you’re already convinced, schedule your deposition now.