Language OnCall® Interpreting

Instant Over-the-Phone Language Interpreting Services

Language OnCall is an on-demand telephonic interpretation service that allows you to connect to an interpreter for any language in just seconds—

Call 877.213.1193

for instant telephonic interpreting

With Language OnCall, you pay for professional interpreting services by the minute, only for the time you use, and it’s extremely simple:

Call 877.213.1193

Select your language

Operator connects you to your language interpreter

No Minimums. High-Volume Discounts Available!

Professional Language Interpreters with Industry Expertise

You can be confident that your interpreter is a vetted professional with the necessary skills & industry knowledge to ensure your success.

Magna Language Services is proud to partner with:

  • Law Firms & Legal Departments

  • Insurance Agencies & Claims Professionals

  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities

  • Healthcare Centers

  • Customer Service & Call Centers

  • Travel, Tourist & Hospitality Providers

  • Airlines

  • Hotels & Cruise Lines

  • Telecommunications Providers

  • Consumer Banking Providers

  • Billing & Financial Departments

  • Small Businesses to Large Corporations

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • & More


Spanish Interpreting .………… $2.75 per minute

Other languages …. $2.95 per minute

No minimums. Volume discounts available.

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Instant Telephonic Interpreting from Magna Language Services

Language OnCall completes Magna’s suite of language services, which also includes on-site interpreting and document translation. Magna works directly with the most qualified and experienced linguists in the business. Our interpreters and translators are all college-educated professionals with native or near-native fluency in English and one or more other languages.

To request an interpreter, just call 877.213.1193. The operator will ask a few basic questions and connect you to your interpreter instantly.

Privacy Secured

All interpreters and translators who work for Magna must sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. That means you can feel secure that any information revealed in your meeting will not be revealed to outside parties.

Legal, Medical & Professional Interpreters

Language OnCall by Magna LS provides instant interpreting for over 1,000 different languages
Including:  Albanian AmharicArabicBengaliBosnianBulgarianBurmeseCantoneseCatalanCroatianCzechDanishDutchEstonianFarsiFinnishFrenchGermanGreekGujaratiHaitian CreoleHausaHindiHmongHungarianIcelandicIgboIlokanoIndonesianItalianJapaneseKannadaKazakhKhmerKinyarwandaKoreanKurdishLatvianLithuanianMacedonianMalayMalayalamMalteseMandarin ChineseNepaliNorwegianPashtoPolishPortuguesePunjabiRomanianRussianSerbianSinhaleseSlovakSlovenianSomaliSpanishSwahiliSwedishSylhetiTagalogTamilTeluguThaiTigrinyaTurkishUkrainianUrduUzbekVietnameseYoruba and many more! 

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