Magna Legal Services hosted a virtual CLE on Tuesday, August 17th, at 12pm CST

Topic: COVID-19 Impact on Juror Attitudes

Description: As court systems gradually reopen across the country, and the backlog of jury trials loosens, understanding how juror views have changed during the pandemic will be critically important to trial lawyers and clients. The disruption caused by the pandemic has dramatically altered how jurors think about issues like government oversight, personal and corporate responsibility, risk, fairness and other concepts central to juror deliberations and rendering a verdict. The presentation will cover new research data on changed juror attitudes across the country in the time of the pandemic. Our consultant will discuss the practical impact of this research on jury selection strategies, with a particular emphasis on cases involving financial services, technology and life sciences companies.

Presented by:

ROSS SUTER, ESQ, Senior Vice President of Litigation Solutions, Magna Legal Services
KELLIE JANKE, M.A., Senior Litigation Consultant, Magna Legal Services

Hosted by:

PETER HECHT, Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales, Magna Legal Services

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Now more than ever, it is important to know how juror perspectives changed in your specific venue for your specific case issues.

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