Find the 13 differences between these two photos:

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Here are the 13 differences (from left to right):

1) Kyle Neary’s making a fashion statement with a new pair of purple shoes (bottom left)

2) Magna’s slogan, “Be Greater Than”, was added to the wall art

3) The top of the A in Robert Ackerman’s initials turned into a Greater Than sign! (top left)

4) What is your case worth? Check out JuryEvaluator, Magna’s Damages Assessment tool, by scanning the QR code which was conveniently added to the wall art beneath Ben Franklin

5) The Eiffel Tower was added to the Philadelphia skyline – Ooh la la! (bottom)

6) Donna Bagi got what she wanted this holiday season- she’s now repping Magna with a new gold chain!

7) Ben Franklin just got prettier with some icy blue eyes (middle)

8) Dominique Strati bundled up with some new boots!

9) Jon Ackerman’s initials are now purple

10) Have you checked out yet? Somebody wants you to! They added the website to the wall art! (right center)

11) Writing it into existence— the Eagle’s logo was updated with a new championship (bottom right)

12) The graffiti artist came by with a new stencil and added Magna’s Peter Hecht into the wall art. (bottom right)

13) Dan Poletti had to run, but not to worry, the always-reliable Matt Richter is standing in for him! (far right)