Donna Browning

Donna Browning

Senior Presentation Consultant

Donna Browning is a Senior Presentation Consultant with Magna Legal Services and is based in South Florida. Utilizing her extensive background in design and visual communication, Donna assists trial teams in identifying effective case themes, simplifying information and developing persuasive visual presentations for use in courtrooms and other legal settings.

Since 2005, Donna has consulted on several thousand matters in almost every major area of litigation including:

  • commercial,
  • intellectual property,
  • insurance,
  • employment,
  • securities,
  • construction,
  • legal malpractice,
  • medical malpractice; and
  • personal injury.

Donna worked as a Senior Presentation Consultant at TrialGraphix, and joined Magna with merger in 2023. Donna received her B.S. degree from Florida State University with a special focus in Visual Arts and Design.