The 2016 transcript pertains to a defamation lawsuit filed in New York and was produced by Magna Legal Service’s Court Reporting.

Read Ghislaine Maxwell’s original deposition here.
PDF retrieved from The New York Times.

Magna Legal Services again gains national recognition for its good work in providing court reporting services in the deposition of Ghislaine Maxwell.

We are proud of our court reporters who give us the reputation as the international go-to court reporting and litigation consulting company for large, important and well-known cases.

Magna made its way into all of the top news stories through Ghislaine Maxwell’s deposition transcript that just got unsealed yesterday morning, October 22nd.

People can now read the 2016 transcript, which is all over the press and twitter, and has Magna’s logo on almost every page!. 

No matter the case, Magna always brings that same award-winning reliability.

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