Magna Legal Services is honored to be named a Best of 2020 winner by the Legal Intelligencer. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who voted us as the “Best of” in Pennsylvania for:

Magna Legal Services was founded in 2013, and to this day, no other company matches its range of services. Magna is the only company with organic roots providing services throughout discovery, pre-trial and trial. When clients talk, Magna listens, and that is why Magna is an ALM “Best Of” winner every year. Magna is there for their clients with 24/7 scheduling and dedicated customer service.

This year, COVID-19 forced everyone into a new virtual world. Magna was able to quickly and seamlessly transition to 100% virtual platforms for its end-to-end litigation services. Completely remotely, clients can continue to hold depositions, arbitrations, meetings, witness communication training, focus groups, mock trials, and other jury research sessions.

Magna’s online research tools, JuryConfirm and JuryEvaluator software completely changed how attorneys prepare for trial. Instead of building products to attract clients, Magna found what clients needed and developed products and methodology to fit those needs.

Everyone at Magna recognizes our client relationships have made us who we are today. We would like to thank our communities for their trust and support. For more information about this contest, and how winners are selected, please visit the Legal Intelligencer’s website.