TrakView Record Portal

Place orders & receive records through our secure and easy to navigate portal, TrakView:

  • Web-based, user-friendly platform
  • Real-time order tracking: Interactive timeline of notes provides status updates daily
  • 24/7 access from anywhere in the world
  • Constantly upgraded with the latest technology & data security
  • Multi-user access with unique user IDs & passwords
  • Self-generate reports
  • Organize your records by plaintiff, case, hospital/facility & more
  • Check any updates that require your attention
  • Review invoices & account activity
Access TrakView Portal

Data Security

Magna/RecordTrak provides clients with the highest level of data security. We’ve developed extensive security policies and procedures designed to ensure the protection of personally identifiable information.

We have implemented comprehensive administrative, physical and technological safeguards that follow ISO/IEC 27000 series standards, NIST and HIPAA/HITECH IT guidelines to ensure that sensitive data is secured against unauthorized access.


  • All servers are hosted in a world class SOC II compliant colocation datacenter
  • Our facilities utilize electronic access controls with bio-metric scanning required to enter the server room, 24/7 video surveillance, diverse paths to the Internet and automatic backup power generation
  • Our client portal utilizes 128-bit encryption with unique user IDs and passwords
  • All internal workstations can only be accessed by authorized users with unique user identifications and strong passwords
  • All data is protected by 128-bit encrypted daily backups with redundant backup of all data offsite and physically secured from unauthorized access


  • Next-generation firewall and IDS/IPS services are continuously updated to address any security vulnerabilities
  • The Email Security Appliance prevents threats that may be delivered via email and is continuously updated to prevent zero-hour attacks
  • We receive a weekly vulnerability assessment report for the TrakView Portal
  • An independent 3rd party conducts external penetration testing (PEN Testing) on our systems
  • State of the art Antivirus/Malware programs
  • All servers are continuously hardened and patched against evolving risks
  • We utilize industry leading software to provide access controls based on job function and real-time access logging of all data. We maintain the audit tail of access for a minimum of one year


  • Magna/RecordTrak performed a full scope risk assessment and implemented a comprehensive written security policy to address all the activities relating to the handling and management of data
  • Our Human Resources department conducts appropriate background and verification checks on all potential employees and provides formal security awareness, education and training annually
  • Access to personal information is limited to authorized persons or roles, based upon a principle of least privilege
  • We routinely monitor and review audit logs to ensure access to personal information is only performed by authorized users