The few patent jury trials that were able to take place in 2020 had some of the largest verdicts of the past decade. Magna’s National Managing Director of Jury Consulting, Rachel York Colangelo, Ph.D., spoke with Law360 about the tendency of juries “to slap the defendant in a way that gets their attention” when they believe corporations have intentionally acted unethically.

In her article, published on 12/22/2020, Law360’s Dani Kass wrote:

The COVID-19 pandemic saw patent trial after patent trial delayed and ultimately pushed into 2021, but the few jury trials that did go forward across the nation had some of the largest verdicts of the last decade.

This year featured three jury verdicts that surpassed $500 million, along with a nearly $2 billion judgment from a bench trial. On top of that, Apple paid off a judgment worth nearly a half-billion dollars, and a $752 million verdict against Kite Pharma from 2019 surpassed $1 billion when final judgment was entered in April.

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