Trial Presentation Services

Hot seat support redefined.

Technology can serve as a great asset to your case, if used correctly. Magna offers the latest equipment
and software in trial technology, while minimizing the stress of using it away from the office. We can tailor
technology to fit your needs, from a simple presentation you can operate yourself, to a complex staging
of video, animation and document enlargements operated by one of our on-site technicians. Successful
trial presentations can turn complex technology and concepts into easily understood images that compel
your audience to follow your trial story. Your words carry added impact through the use of precisely timed
slides and visuals.

Magna presentation consultants recommend the most persuasive mediums and placement for visual
evidence to be used during trial. The objective is the same: control the evidence and maximize the impact
on your audience in the most effective manner.

  • Presenters who use visuals are more effective and make a better impression
  • Visual language acts as an aid in the decision making process
  • Use of visual communication promotes group consensus because it helps members of a group to process and structure information in the same way
  • Visuals shape interpretation and perception of evidence

Case Intake

Assess case type and needs to determine appropriate services and consultant.

Document/Deposition Management

Create and organize streamlined database for all documents, depositions, video etc. as well as creating custom trial exhibit binders, coordinating videography and synching video.

Courtroom/War Room Coordination and Setup

Coordinate and handle all technical equipment needs and setup for courtroom and war room.

Trial Presentation

Work with trial team to swiftly and accurately present all exhibits, graphics, video etc. in court.

Courtroom Breakdown

Breakdown and coordination of returning all equipment.

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Michael Caplan - Naples Conference, FL 2012

Your assistance in helping us focus on our thoughts for the presentation and put them into a presentable form was greatly appreciated. The finished product really was first rate.

Ethan Trull, Esq - Nixon Peabody

We use Magna’s Jury Confirm for any case with nominal exposure. It has proven time and again to be a necessary tool when it comes to compiling real juror research, it’s difficult to imagine going to trial without it.


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Joe Hassinger - Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith helped us determine that the plaintiff in our case was exaggerating her claim.