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Your time is valuable. HyperNav makes record review quick & effortless:

  • Summary & Index tables provide all key information in one place
  • Everything chronologically organized
  • No more searching: Receive one PDF file with hyperlinks and bookmarks throughout
  • Seamless navigation: Each occurrence of key terms and provider/facility names are hyperlinked in the index table and highlighted throughout the PDF
  • Input new records anytime they come in discovery


All documents, Summary table and Index table are sorted by dates of service for easy navigation and a clear picture of the medical story at hand.


The Summary Table at the beginning of the document includes the dates of service, a list of all clinical/diagnosis codes and key terms found, as well as a list of all the facilities/providers discovered.
Here, you will also fi­nd the CMS defi­nitions for all referenced clinical/diagnosis codes and the National Provider Identi­fiers (NPI) for provider names.


With data indexing, you’ll fi­nd all key information in one place. HyperNav will extract the below values from your documents, organize them in an Index Table, and highlight each occurrence throughout the PDF.

  • Dates of Service
  • Facilities/Providers
  • Key Terms
  • Clinical/diagnosis codes

The HyperNav output combines everything into a single PDF fi­le, with interactive hyperlinks and bookmarks throughout for quick and easy navigation.

No more scrolling:

  • Summary Table, Index Table and all individual documents are bookmarked
  • Page numbers and key term occurrences are hyperlinked in the summary & index tables to bring you their respective locations
  • Return back to the Index Table at anytime with the link included in each page header

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