Voir Dire &
Jury Selection

Based on our experience in your trial venue, with similar case types, and with your case in particular, Magna consultants can recommend voir dire topics and questions designed to identify higher-risk jurors, with an eye toward maximizing cause challenge success as well as increasing confidence in and effectiveness of peremptory challenges. Our consultants can also develop more in-depth supplemental juror questionnaires when permitted by the Court.

Magna consultants can also be present in-court during the voir dire and jury selection process in order to analyze venire members’ verbal and non-verbal responses, suggest follow-up questions, and recommend the most strategically effective use of for-cause and peremptory challenges for purposes of de-selecting the least favorable jurors for your case.

A team of Magna researchers can also be engaged to run background checks and social media searches on prospective jurors using our JuryScout program.  These searches can afford the trial team deeper insight into a juror’s world views, predispositions, and potential verdict orientation than is typically possible through in-court voir dire alone.  JuryScout social media search results can be critical in helping make more informed peremptory challenges.

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