Shadow Jury

Want to know what your trial jury is thinking?

A shadow jury provides invaluable day-to-day feedback to the trial team about how the seated jury is likely viewing the case.

Magna consultants empanel a shadow jury comprised of members matched as closely as possible to the actual jurors’ demographics, case-relevant attitudes, opinions, and life experiences.

Our shadow jurors are present in the courtroom to observe all argument and evidence just as the actual jury does.  Shadows provide reactions to the progress of the case at the end of each day.  A Magna consultant then briefs the trial team on the shadow jurors’ feedback and makes strategic recommendations in preparation for the next day of trial.  The shadow jury’s input offers insight into key issues:  juror understanding of the themes and evidence; what may require clarification; which arguments, evidence, and testimony are most and least compelling for each side; and jurors’ current verdict orientation.

This real-time shadow juror feedback allows the trial team to adjust their strategy on a daily basis to ensure that the actual jury has the most favorable view of the case, and can provide a roadmap for addressing key issues in closing arguments.

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