Juror Interviews

Post-Trial Juror Interviews

Post-trial juror interviews are a valuable tool to understand what jurors thought about key argument, evidence, witnesses, and how they reached a verdict. When appropriate, insights about what took place in the deliberation room can also be used in post-trial motions.

There is no better way to uncover what happened in the deliberations than speaking directly with jurors, either over the phone or in-person.

Information gleaned from post-trial juror interviews can include:

  • What information jurors found most compelling
  • What outstanding questions jurors had
  • Which witnesses were most helpful and why
  • What themes resonated
  • Who joined different factions, if the panel was split
  • Whether jurors were confused, and how such problems were resolved

Where a verdict is unfavorable, post-trial interviews can uncover potential juror misconduct such as reliance on outside, erroneous information in decision-making.

The Magna team collaborates with counsel in keeping with local rules to devise a specific and unique question protocol, tailored to the case and verdict outcome. Magna is experienced in speaking with jurors after trial, mindful of the effort jurors put into a case and the potential stressors they faced, to promote open discussion of the relevant issues.

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