Outsourcing medical record & document retrieval could save your law firm time and money.

The Internet is a storehouse of records, and some of these can be found merely by using a search engine. Attorneys that have been successful in locating assets, for example, may feel that record retrieval should stay in-house, and that record collection services are an unnecessary additional expense. However, experienced lawyers realize that in-house record retrieval does not always save money, and by outsourcing record retrieval, law firms can let their administrative and legal staff focus on case analysis and case strategy instead of haphazardly trying to retrieve records.

Avoid Processes That Slow the Work Flow

If you need to find a medical record for a personal injury case, you need to locate the proper source. You do not want second-hand or stale documents, and you need to know where to find and/or request them. Many times, the answer to this dilemma is found by assigning your top paralegal the task of coordinating in house record retrieval. Your best staff may ultimately find and produce the records you need, but after you have calculated the costs, you will find that contracting with good record retrieval services will save you time—and that translates into dollars.

Avoiding Errors

While in-house record retrieval may sound enticing, a document order that is kicked back because you did not follow the proper retrieval procedures can be costly. If you have a hearing or trial deadline and were counting on medical record production, an error in the process caused by an incomplete request can cost you not only money but also your reputation if the error significantly weakens your case.

By using a quality records retrieval firm, you can be assured that your vendor has the resources to minimize errors and get you what you need when you need it. And as you know, when cases are ripe for settlement, they should be settled. Waiting for documents delayed due to in-house retrieval errors can be seriously detrimental to your settlement prospects.

Magna Legal Services Record Retrieval Services

Sometimes you need to use a professional. Magna Record Retrieval Services has a great service menu and an excellent customer satisfaction history. Services include:

  • Record retrieval across the United States and worldwide. Magna can locate, process requests and retrieve documents from anywhere.
  • Document Storage. You don’t need to use precious law firm bandwidth to store records retrieved by Magna because Magna hosts your records on their server for seven years, encrypts them, and ensures that all files are backed up and protected.
  • Real-time order tracking. When you contract with Magna, you instantly are provided with 24/7 monitoring of the status of all requests.
  • Record pre-payment. If providers demand up-front payments in order to release records to you, Magna will front those advance costs and that keeps the process moving.

DIY is Just Not a Viable Option

Don’t waste time and money by trying to cut costs with in-house record retrieval. An excellent, reliable and vetted document recovery service will save you time and money, move you to settlement quicker, and provide you with the records you need so that your deadlines are met. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.