I hate COVID-19! I hate the lives it’s taken, the damage it’s done to our families and the harm it’s caused to our businesses. So… yes, I am a major hater and I know you are too. Seriously, let the hate out. We are all allowed to hate COVID-19. Through the hating of COVID-19, I was pleasantly reminded as to why “Team Magna” is truly the best of the best. By the way, you can vote on that one day soon, too. Ha!

Okay, seriously, on March 16th, I hit the virtual button with my partners and our teams sprang into action, adapting to the new way of doing business. Suits turned into sweatpants, dogs became experts at picking the perfect time to bark, and our kids are now our office buddies. Our various department managers created new normals quickly and I am very proud that they continued to deliver what our clients expect… reliable and exceptional service. And I promise you, they all hate COVID-19 too!

There is a lot of good stuff going on at Magna, despite the pandemic. Here’s everything you want to know:

  • Our virtual deposition platform, MLV, is still available at NO CHARGE during the crisis with the use of a Magna court reporter.
  • We are hosting depos and meetings in bricks and mortar. Social distancing in effect.
  • JuryConfirm 20/20, our award-winning online jury research program, is available now with live video of jurors and our NEW patent-pending AI based Evidence Analyzer.
  • Our website was amped up to give you an even better experience. If you shop online, shop Magna: www.MagnaLS.com
  • Join us on our newest blog on LinkedIn, Virtually Legal, with one-on-one industry expert interviews with Magna’s very own Meredith Cherry. Click to join.
  • Click here to register for free Magna LS webinars
  • Schedule a complimentary review of our recent COVID-19 study across 3,700 respondents throughout the USA by calling your Magna rep or Kristina Moukina at 866-624-6221.
  • Magna is providing FREE CE courses for Insurance Carriers. Call me or your local rep about availability and qualifications.
  • Breaking News! Sign up to view the first ever MLS competitive eating CLE challenge fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on November 5th at 4:00PM ET, featuring White Castle by the dozens, hosted by The “Not Real” Guy Fieri, and amateur eaters Matt Richter, Kevin Grodnick, Jon Ackerman, Ross Suter, Lee Diamondstein and myself. Click to Register.
  • I HATE COVID-19!

Stay well, press on and I can’t wait to see everyone in the “real” very soon!

Peter Hecht,
Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales