Editor’s Note

Peter Hecht, Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales, Magna Legal Services

I know this sounds nuts, but I am super excited that the summer has finally come to an end. Don’t get me wrong, I loved spending time with my family at the Jersey shore eating way more than I probably should have. However, I am and always will be one of those live to work peeps and, for me, the months of June, July and August are just a little too quiet to fill my appetite for the thrill of the day-to-day at Magna LS.

The close of the summertime brings on “Back to School” and all the stuff that needs to get done for the big day. When I was a kid, I generally hated going to school save for the first day. What’s not to like about day one? I’d get dressed in my best, get new kicks and, best of all, see all my pals that I missed over the summer. So the week after Labor Day for me is like “Back to School” except it’s “Back to the Office”. Yay!

Now I’m not saying nobody was working through the summer. Trust me, we were working it at Magna! I think most get my point, especially anyone in the legal service industry. The months leading up to “Back to the Office” is like the calm before the storm. The judges, attorneys, paralegals, admins and witnesses are now all back from their vacations and the abundance of their availability means that “Litigation Season” is here! We are already seeing the surge in calls for court reporters and medical record retrieval requests, along with case consultations for jury research and visual communication services. I’m loving the activity and it’s inspiring to see so many Magna folks enjoying the “Back to the Office” hustle. So, keep us on speed dial and in your favorites. We are ready for any request, big or small and we welcome all the tough-to-cover depos. Call us early and often this “Litigation Season”!

Peter Hecht sporting his “back to school” look before co-founding Magna LS.

Here’s what is coming to you soon from Magna LS:

Register now for our free virtual CLE, “Science of Story Telling” on October 10th at 4PM PT, featuring Rachel York Colangelo, Ph.D., Marc Marshall, CPH., better known as “HypnoMarc”, and Kristen Craig-Reed from Barkley Court Reporters, a Magna Legal Services company.

Come celebrate “International Translation Day” on a Magna Legal Services virtual party on October 3rd at 4PM ET! RSVP for our virtual celebration with tons of prizes and a never before seen live interpreting session of the “Not Real” Ozzy Osbourne.

Get your year-end CLE/CE on December 13th & 14th at Magna Legal Services’ annual “Battle of the Experts” in Miami South Beach. Click for details & to reserve your spot!

Visit the online Magna LS swag store for all the “Back to School/Office” free items and more. Call your local rep for the swag code!

And just in case you need a refresher… call us at 866-624-6221 or 866-MAGNA-21!

Peter Hecht

Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales

Magna Legal Services