By now you may have heard one rumor or another about the investment in Magna Legal Services by private equity firm CIVC, like… “They sold the company,” or “Bob Ackerman retired to Greenland.” Even better, “Mark is fishing in Greenland with Bob.” Then there is the one that I love, “Jon is going to law school.” However, my favorite is “Magna was involved in the Area 51 alien cover up and Peter’s there now for further experimentation since he has alien DNA.” I know… total BS, except I am most probably an alien.

Here’s what you really need to know about Magna… All the partners are here. We are NOT going anyplace! We are still significant owners of Magna LS and we will continue to lead the company in the years to come in our same roles and as board members. Translation… We will continue to grow the company organically and through acquisition, and to do all that well, we will be adding players to our team. There’s a ton of work that goes on with M&A and we will be ready. Your takeaway is… Magna is still Magna and, yes, we are looking to BUY companies in the Court Reporting, Record Retrieval and Jury Consulting space. If you have some leads, please send them over!

Now, let’s talk about some real “NEW” news at Magna LS:

  1. Sign up now for our 7th annual Chopped for CHOP event on 11/6 & 11/7 in Atlantic City at The Borgata Hotel and Casino to see Susan Metcalfe defend her title against Ted Schaer in the “Battle of the Champions”.
  2. JuryConfirm 3.0 will finally be revealed by Mark Calzaretta at the Chopped for CHOP event on 11/6 & 11/7 in Atlantic City at The Borgata Hotel and Casino.
  3. Spin to Win client appreciation end-of-summer parties are coming to Philly, NYC, Chicago, LA, Miami, and Houston. Dates to be released soon.
  4. Ross Suter, Esq. was recognized by 82% of the world’s population as 2019’s “Most Popular and Engaging CLE Presenter.” Reserve him now at 866-624-6221.
  5. The ALM readers continue to choose Magna LS as Best Of for 2019 in:
  • Litigation Consulting
  • Jury Consultants
  • Online Jury Research
  • Court Reporters
  • Video Deposition Services
  • Interpreters and Translation Services
  • Trial Consultant
  • Trial Technology “Hot Seat”
  • Medical Illustrations and Exhibits
  • Demonstrative Evidence

I hope you enjoy this issue of MagnaFYI and if you need to check in on the BS, call me anytime direct at 732-331-2410.