Editor’s Note

Peter Hecht, Founding Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales, Magna Legal Services

Clients don’t grow on trees, or do they? Of course they don’t! Just in case, to be very clear, I really know that they don’t. But if they did, I would definitely plant a few trees in my backyard. The truth is that clients are like brain cells (super important neurons)…once you lose them, they are probably not coming back. At least that’s what my mom told me when we talked about the “Just Say No” campaign from First Lady, Nancy Reagan. I love my brain, so I listened to her and yes, she is right.

At Magna LS we truly value our clients. Our approach is all about listening. We listen early and often. The net effect of that strategy has provided us with the most loyal base of clients in the litigation consulting and support industry. How do I know? Well, I can still rattle off the names of many of our inaugural clients from 2007 and I’m proud to say that they are still here. If you don’t believe me, buzz me up!

Peter Hecht and Matt Richter at what was then Fireman’s Fund Ins Co. HQ in Chicago sometime in 2008

Part of listening to our clients has also allowed us to steer the industry in new directions. Companies like CNA and Fireman’s Fund pushed us in 2008 to find ways to do online jury research and, as result, we produced the patented virtual research program, JuryConfirm. It was the first in the litigation consulting space and it made our landing during the COVID pandemic (I still HATE COVID-19!) much smoother. And let’s not forget the inspiration that Steven Dzury instilled in us. He presented us with an issue and challenged us to find a solution. That challenge led us down the path to the creation of our damages assessment tool, JuryEvaluator. Thank you, Mr. Dzury!

So yes, we listen and are still listening. To that end, we have recently released our AI powered deposition summary platform that provides the most detailed and comprehensive summary from beginning to end. It comes hyperlinked to the original transcript to enable faster human review with easy navigation links back and forth between the summary sections and the source dialogue. I’m not hyping this enough. It’s ten times better than anything we have seen in the marketplace. Learn more about it here: https://magnals.com/all-services/magna-depo-summary-services/

We understand that you have many choices, and we know that our competitors are trying to eat our lunch every day. While we continue to work hard to deliver a super awesome product and a great experience… we also want you to know that we would LOVE to celebrate you and your team with a lunch on Magna LS. Contact me or your local rep to set up an outing. We can even throw in a FREE CLE. We promise to keep our mouths shut while chewing and our ears open.

Here’s what’s coming up soon:

  • Register now for Chopped for CHOP our CLE (June 19th and 20th) fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
  • Can’t make it to Chopped but still want to contribute to an amazing cause? See below to donate to CHOP.
  • Magna LS Doggy Swag Beauty Contest (https://magnals.com/swag-store/) on July 16th. Up to $1,500 in prizes. Enter below!
  • Mark your calendars for Court Reporting Awareness Day on August 10th.

Magna’s Chopped for CHOP Mock Trial Fundraiser at the Borgata on June 19th and 20th

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Donations

Official Magna LS Doggy Swag Beauty Contest

And just in case you need a refresher… call us at 866-624-6221 or 866-MAGNA-21!

Happy Summer!

Peter Hecht

Founding Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales

Magna Legal Services