Editor’s Note

Peter Hecht, Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales, Magna Legal Services

In 1967 we had the “Summer of Love”, a social phenomenon that people still talk about today. I don’t have any firsthand knowledge of that time, but I was born in 1968. So, there’s that! The reason I’m chatting about this, is because we are about to live through one of the most intense schedules in the history of trial seasons.

I am going on the record to predict that the summer of 2022 will be remembered for years to come as the “Summer of Trials.”

Pre-pandemic summertime for guys like me was anything but relaxing. Why? Because the judges, jurors, attorneys and parties being represented were all juggling trial dates with high priority vacations. That was then and this is now… so flip that script, we now have the combination of a ginormous backlog of trials along with most courts finally back to being open for business. As the Beastie Boys sing, “… There’s no sleep till Brooklyn…” and I’m happy sales camper!

Why am I happy? Simple… this time of the year in the past, my team of killer account reps and I would normally double down on our sales activity to keep pace with spring or fall tempo.

So… we are going to embrace the “Summer of Trials” as a legal phenomenon that we will be telling our grandchildren about one day. We will be telling them about the last-minute phone calls for graphic design work to tell the trial story, focus groups on the eve of trial, witness prep sessions going through the weekend, jury selection support and more. The great news for Magna, our clients and our grandkids, is that we will be telling that we made it happen and in our own way played an important role in making the “Summer of Trials” a great story to tell.

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That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Enjoy your summer and remember what they say…. “Hire Magna LS early and often!”

Peter Hecht, Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales, Magna Legal Services