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1. A sign was added to the door on the left

2. The juror on the bottom left transformed into Peter Hecht

3. The attorney transformed into Magna’s Jessica Gimble!

4. The attorney Magna-fied her wardrobe with an orange shirt

5. The attorney gained some festive socks

6. The 2nd juror from the left put on sunglasses so he can discreetly take a nap

7. The tassel on the left blind cord got an upgrade

8. The juror on top left lost his hair due to poor trial presentation

9. Peter photobombed another juror! (bottom row, 3rd from left)

10. A mysterious hand appeared by the 2nd juror in the top row

11. The second juror in top row changed his tie

12. The fourth juror in the bottom row stole a watch

13. The jury box was redecorated with a Magna “Be Greater Than” sign. (Bottom middle)

14. The 3rd juror on the top row morphed into Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee

15. The fifth juror in the bottom row was dismissed and replaced with Magna’s Ross Suter

16. The fourth juror in the top row changed into a pink shirt

17. Ross Suter is proudly displaying his hand sanitizer

18. The woman on the right put on her favorite butterfly brooch to impress Ross

19. The juror on the top right is now faking an eye injury

20. The suit sleeve in the right of the picture vanished