MagnaFYI Newsletter: December 2021

Editor’s Note

When COVID first hit the 24/7 news networks, I remember telling my wife this will be over in two weeks. And I actually believed it as I said it. LOL! I was only off by something like 102 weeks and still counting! Over the last two years I have become an expert at wearing a mask, social distancing, virtual meetings, jamming COVID tests up my nose, measuring my pulse oxygen levels, holding my breath in a crowded elevator, and a whole bunch of other stuff that comes along with a pandemic.

Like me, Magna has become an expert at managing the pandemic while continuing to innovate and support our clients. I am very proud of what our team accomplished in 2021. I’m guessing you want to know what they did, so here are some highlights:

  1. Delta came on strong and our dedicated staff members from Transcript Production, Video, Reception, Sales, Records Retrieval and Litigation Consulting all braved their way into the office or visited your location to keep the trains running, and running really well.
  2. We hosted a record number of in-person and virtual CLE’s making our instructors, Ross Suter, Esq., Dr. Rachel Colangelo and Dr. Dan Wolfe, household names! We educated over 2,000 attorneys, claims professionals, paralegals and legal assistants!
  3. The readers of various ALM publications (New York Law Journal, National Law Journal, Texas Lawyer, Legal Intelligencer, etc…) voted Magna LS as the “Best Of” for 2021 in 67 different categories. Amazing!
  4. Our monthly Customer Satisfaction survey averaged a score of “9.2” with “10” being the best. Thank you and my favorite is “11”!
  5. My team and I returned to the stage with our first pandemic in-person conference in Miami, “The Battle of the Experts!” It was hands down the BEST program we’ve ever hosted.

So… stay tuned for more of what’s around the corner for me and Magna by following me on LinkedIn!

I’ll close with one final prediction. Brace yourselves! The New York Jets will play and win a Super Bowl in 2023. Why? Because I am an optimist and you should be too! Stay well and remember hire us early and often!

Peter Hecht

Founding Partner & Executive Vice President Sales

Magna Legal Services