Editor’s Note

Peter Hecht, Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales

I’m a traveler, not a globe trotter. More of an East Coast/West Coast thing with lots of stops at many of the fly-over states. I do both business and pleasure. Unfortunately, most of it is for the former. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing my friends in business and meeting new ones. It is by far my favorite thing to do while working. In 2017, I clocked about 100,000 miles in the air. And the perk for the miles traveled, premium status. Yay! That makes me eligible for 1st class upgrades, choice seats, waived fees and greater discretion from customer service reps.

So why am I yammering away about my travel addiction? I’ll tell you… I was in the “premium” check-in line the other week standing behind a fellow traveler. We were about 8 people deep and things were moving slowly. Finally, I was next. I had waited a solid twenty minutes in line. Which is like an hour when you are living through it or if you are like me. So back to the guy in front of me. He waited twenty minutes too. Right? My math stinks. Anyway, he gets to the counter and he learns in quick order that he is in the wrong line (he’s NOT premium!!!) and is asked to step aside to the longer general check-in. Wow! That is rotten. Right? I mean, great for me. I got up to the open agent right away, took care of my business and was on my way to TSA Precheck.

Later at the gate, I saw the same guy that was moved to the longer line. I felt guilty. He seemed fine. No wounds and his trip was still intact. But it made me think. Like, how ticked off would I have been if they made me go wait in another line? Would I have gone quietly? Probably not. The bigger question is, “What kind of damage does something like that have on the customer experience?” I’m guessing it could be lots! Maybe he picks a different airline next time and maybe he doesn’t. I don’t like those odds as a business stakeholder.

So now bringing it all together and back to biz…the customer service experience at Magna is the whole enchilada. You are numero uno! You will not be passed around, your time is super important to us, and your concerns are our concerns. How you feel matters. And if you feel differently, I want to know. Yes, I want to know, so I can learn to improve our client experience and just maybe win you back. Enhancing the customer experience is our 2018 goal.

Now here’s what else is going on at Magna:

Be on the lookout for JuryConfirm 3.0. Magna’s patented online jury research focus group program just got even better. More to be announced soon.Coming soon, from the mind of Mark Calzaretta, the patent pending, JuryEvaluator Plus case valuation tool. Launching in Q1.

Sold out! Magna’s 3rd Annual March “CLE” Madness on the 14th and 15th with Special Guest Speaker – Gregory Kevin “Bo” Kimble.

Registration is open for our upcoming CLE seminar “Showdown in South Beach: Battle of the Experts” on May 2nd and 3rd at The W South Beach in Miami, FL.That’s all folks… Wishing everyone a prosperous 2018!