Martin Simanis

Martin Simanis

Creative Consultant and Designer

Martin Simanis has advised attorneys on the subject of visual communications since 1998, working on thousands of cases in venues throughout the United States. He is experienced in graphic design for litigation, translating large amounts of complex information into simple and compelling visual presentations. He is also well versed in editing, annotation and enhancement of video footage to help focus on specific action and key subject matter.

Martin’s work has helped secure favorable outcomes in almost every area of law, including intellectual property, product liability matters, antitrust, contract disputes, insurance cases, labor and employment, personal injury suits, criminal cases and more.

Prior to his work as a trial consultant, Mr. Simanis spent 10 years as a graphic designer in the advertising industry. He is skilled in the use of major design and video/audio software, including Adobe Illustrator,  Photoshop and Premiere, Trimble SketchUp, and Microsoft PowerPoint, among others.

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