Marco Heim

Marco Heim

Managing Director, Trial Technology

Marco Heim is an industry leading Trial Technology Consultant. His services are sought after by all of the top law firms in the country. And for good reason. Always calm under pressure, his dedication to his craft is unrivaled.

Since entering the industry in 2006, Marco has worked on more than 800 matters nationwide, including numerous high-profile and mass exposure cases. Marco works with many leading law firms on all sorts of matters ranging from: securities, insurance, intellectual property, bankruptcy, entertainment law, civil rights, defective product/product liability, and professional malpractice matters.

In previous roles at TrialGraphix, Marco oversaw all aspects of trial graphics creation and trial technology. He consulted with clients and internal project managers to recommend strategic and appropriate graphics and technology solutions for even the most complex scenarios.

Before joining the legal industry, Marco spent several years working in live sports television production and is very accustomed to sitting in the hotseat.

Marco is based in New Jersey. He graduated from Felician College with a Business Marketing and Management degree.