Julie Campanini

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Julie Campanini, M.A.

Director & Senior Litigation Consultant

Julie Campanini has been a trial consultant for 25 years and has amassed diverse and broad-ranging experience in a wide variety of complex matters and in all areas of trial consulting and jury research. Her practice is focused on complex commercial litigation and includes intellectual property, antitrust, securities, fraud, contract, product liability, employment, and toxic tort. Julie works collaboratively with the trial team to come up with innovative and strategic solutions to the most complex trial issues. Some representative matters include:

  • Assisting the winning party in a recent $4 billion complex fraud matter in Los Angeles
  • Ongoing consulting with a large metropolitan city against several high-profile employment claims emanating from its police department
  • Ongoing consulting with a large railroad manufacturer against negligence claims following a deadly accident
  • Successfully assisting a large consumer products manufacturer in a false advertising claim
  • Assisting the winning party in a high-stakes matter involving both patent infringement claims and antitrust issues
  • Successfully consulting with a pharmaceutical company involving patent infringement of one if its animal vaccines
  • Consulting on behalf of several oil and gas companies in a large, class action antitrust suit between consumers and gas companies, which resulted in a victory on summary judgment
  • Consulting with a large banking institution in a fraud and contract litigation lasting several months that ended in a favorable settlement
  • Successfully defending several patents in various emerging technologies involving biotech, wireless signals, and data storage
  • Successfully defending a leading manufacturer of asbestos containing products in several matters in state courts around the country

Julie’s expertise includes designing various types of mock trials and focus groups, witness preparation with the most difficult and poorly presenting witnesses, collaboratively crafting opening statements and closing arguments with counsel, theme development, and general and early consulting to strategize about case strengths and weaknesses. She has assisted clients in trials in all areas of the country including large metropolitan areas as well as small, rural venues. She has participated in or managed hundreds of jury research projects and has worked with hundreds of witnesses over the years. Her insights into case issues are highly valued among her clients.

Prior to joining Magna, Julie was the founder and principal of her own firm, Trial Insights, and Julie practiced with several other national firms including Litigation Sciences, Inc. and FTI (Forensic Technologies).

In addition, Julie has published several articles on trial subjects including the importance of witness preparation for depositions and trial, managing the media in high-profile and high-stakes litigation, theme development in storytelling, all facets of jury selection, and using themes as communication tools in litigation. She is a regular contributor to Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

Julie Campanini attended the University of Kansas for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees, where she earned her M.A. in Litigation Sciences with an emphasis in Legal Communication.