Jorge Cadenas

Jorge Cadenas

IT Director

Jorge Cadenas is an accomplished IT Director with over 20 years of experience supporting trial teams and legal professionals. He possesses a broad range of skills and expertise in cybersecurity and information technology, with a proven track record of success in identifying and implementing innovative solutions to drive business growth and optimize operational efficiency.

In addition to his extensive experience leading cross-functional teams and managing complex IT projects, Jorge recently completed a Cybersecurity Professional Certificate from the University of Miami, further enhancing his expertise in the field.

Jorge’s cybersecurity skills include risk assessment and management, threat intelligence analysis, incident response planning, and regulatory compliance. He has a deep understanding of security technologies, including firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and security information and event management (SIEM) tools.

In the realm of information technology, Jorge has experience in enterprise architecture, cloud computing, data center operations, network infrastructure, and software development. He is highly skilled in managing large-scale projects and implementing technology solutions to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders, from end-users to executive leadership.

Throughout his career, Jorge has assisted numerous presentations for top companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Samsung Technologies. He was also part of the Oil Spill Commission legal support team that assisted with the presentation of the BP Deep Water Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, and was responsible for providing the technology during the televised presentation to the committee in Washington, D.C.

Jorge’s dedication to his community extends beyond his professional achievements. He volunteers with competitive soccer teams, assisting with team management duties and coaching youth players. Jorge is a certified US Youth Soccer Coach, holds many titles and league championships across south Florida, and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Jorge received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Baker College in Flint, MI (magna cum laude).