Joe Boxer

Joe Boxer

Senior Graphics Consultant

Joe Boxer is a Senior Graphics Consultant for Magna/TrialGraphix, based in the Chicago office. Joe assists legal teams and expert witnesses in the development and presentation of effective, persuasive visuals that focus on the key elements and themes of their case. Joe also has extensive courtroom experience, allowing him to determine the most effective utilization of courtroom technologies.

Joe began his career in the industry as an artist in 1999, specializing in complex illustration and technical patent matters. Since turning to consulting, Joe has worked on over 700 matters in venues around the country and overseas. He has supported teams in all manners of legal proceedings, such as jury trials, jury focus groups, bench trials, Markman hearings, summary judgment hearings, class-certification hearings, environmental board hearings, mediations, international arbitrations and corporate presentations.

As a thought leader in visual presentation and courtroom technologies, Joe has presented at over 20 CLE events. He has also assisted on a large international corporate merger held at the EU in Brussels, Belgium.

Notable cases include:

  • Mercexchange LLC v. Ebay, and Return Buy Inc.,
  • Eolas Technologies v. Microsoft,
  • People of the State of Illinois v. Drew Walter Peterson,
  • Oracle Corporation, Pepper Acquisition Corp. v. Peoplesoft, Inc., et al.; and
  • Ricoh Corporation, et al. v. Pitney Bowes, Inc.

Joe holds a degree in Graphic Design. Prior to moving into the legal presentation industry, Joe worked as a creative director and illustrator for a small publishing firm. He is an avid photographer, loves carpentry building just about anything and has a special place in his heart for cars – the ones that go fast around corners.