Elizabeth L. Foreman

Elizabeth L. Foreman, Ph.D.

Senior Jury Consultant

Dr. Foreman obtained a bachelor’s degree from Southeastern Louisiana University, where she studied psychology and criminal justice. She then earned master’s and doctorate degrees in experimental psychology from the University of Mississippi, where her research focused on personality and social memory. Her education involved extensive training in procedural design, research methodology, survey construction, and statistical analysis. Dr. Foreman has also extensively studied the psychology of persuasion and group processing; allowing her to provide empirical insight into trial research, perception issues and juror bias.

Dr. Foreman now combines psychology and legal strategy in what she calls trial science.  With over  a decade of experience researching human behavior, Dr. Foreman draws upon her knowledge of group decision-making to understand how jurors’ process, store, and retrieve case information and how individual memory impacts jury decision making. Using the most effective research designs, Dr. Foreman tests and refines trial strategy to identify key case issues and uses extensive knowledge of persuasive messaging to work collaboratively with clients to help them translate complex legal issues into clear, compelling themes and winning strategies.  She also has a wealth of experience assisting trial teams with witness preparation and communication training, jury selection, trial monitoring, shadow juries, and post-trial juror interviews.

In addition to aiding inside the courtroom, Dr. Foreman often helps clients achieve favorable out-of-court resolutions and her experience talking with actual and mock jurors provides an invaluable resource to legal teams. Her primary case areas involve complex medical and legal malpractice, catastrophic personal injury, insurance, and product liability. She also has extensive experience assisting plaintiffs and defendants in matters involving complex commercial litigation, intellectual property, contract disputes, and fraud.

Prior to joining Magna, Dr. Foreman was the founder and principal of her own firm, Outlier Consulting Group. In addition, she is a published author in the field of social psychology and has presented her research at numerous conferences. She also provides continuing legal education presentations across the nation for various organizations, universities, and law firms.

Dr. Foreman is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants and the American Psychological Association. She currently lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her husband, two miniature dachshunds and three mischievous cats.