Donna Carotenuto

Donna Carotenuto

Business Development Manager

Donna worked in the legal services industry for 10 years before joining Magna in 2019. She demonstrates elevated customer service and attentiveness to her clients’ needs.

Donna comes from a long client service background in the legal industry. Having worked in a corporate environment, she is accustomed to structure, excels at time management, and works diligently to follow up and complete tasks. She takes pride in her professionalism, and strong ability to develop and maintain productive relationships. Donna is client-service driven, a critical thinker, a natural problem solver and a people person. These qualities make her an extremely efficient, result-oriented partner in the intricate litigation support and consulting process. Donna works regularly with many of New York City’s premier law firms overseeing their cases from discovery through trial or settlement.

She is part of the Women’s Trial Network of New York and the Employment Law Alliance. Donna actively attends networking events for the New York City Trial Lawyers Association.

A New York City native, Donna hails from Staten Island and currently lives in Manhattan. In her leisure, Donna loves to do Pilates, explore restaurants in her area, and do anything that allows her to socialize.