Bryan McDonald

Bryan McDonald

Senior Trial Presentation Consultant

Bryan is a Senior Trial Presentation Consultant for Magna Litigation Services. Bryan began his career as a videographer in 1992 and founded Palmer House Media Productions in 1996 providing legal video services and trial support for its clients in the region.

Bryan has provided trial support and training in the use of trial software for his clients since 1998 and is experienced in all matters of litigation from discovery to verdict with over 300 trials under his belt in courtrooms across the nation.

Bryan is experienced in being able to provide conceptual recommendations for the development of case themes and the structuring of courtroom presentations, while tailoring recommendations to fit the individual communication styles of attorneys and witnesses and work within the constraints imposed by judges and venues.

Taking part in as many trials, arbitrations, and mediations as well as thousands of depositions also gives Bryan the unique ability to serve as a “thirteenth juror”.  Bryan can often see parts of a case and give feedback where the trial team might need additional insight or opinion.