Brittany Cross Wooten

Brittany Wooten (Cross), M.A.

Senior Litigation Consultant

Brittany has assisted attorneys nationwide with the development of trial strategies for civil and criminal matters from a social science perspective since 2010. While at Magna since 2018, Brittany has consulted on over 275 cases. She has experience in all aspects of litigation consulting including jury selection, voir dire, online and in-person focus group and mock trial research, exploratory and arbitration studies, juror profiling, SJQ evaluation, damages assessments, community attitude surveys, trial monitoring, and theme development.

It is critical to employ an empirical research design and methodology in jury research, and Brittany regularly applies a data-driven approach to cases. She is actively involved in Magna’s early intervention approach to litigation to help clients anticipate possible pitfalls and proactively solve for those dangers early in the litigation process. Brittany also oversees Magna’s vast on-going databases with tens of thousands of mock jurors across multiple jury research platforms.

Brittany has presented at conferences and CLE’s throughout the country about jury selection strategies, the impact of COVID-19 on juries, the science of storytelling, and juror decision-making. Acquainted with high-exposure matters, she has been quoted in publications such as the USA Today about jury selection strategies for high-profile cases. Brittany uses her understanding of jury decision-making processes to help clients translate complex issues into clear, persuasive messages to jurors, starting in voir dire and throughout the case. She has extensive involvement with personal injury, professional negligence, medical negligence, pharmaceutical company matters, commercial litigation, product liability, oil and gas, insurance coverage, construction, securities, property and contract disputes, antitrust, white-collar disputes, as well as criminal matters.

Prior to joining Magna, Brittany was a litigation consultant at a nationwide consulting firm in Oakland, California, and opened a branch in Chicago, Illinois. She received her M.A. in Criminology from the University of South Florida and her B.S. from Florida State University. She has published articles on juvenile abnormal behavior, mental health courts, and substance abuse. When not in the courtroom, she is usually outdoors hiking or on the golf course with her husband, Brian, and their young son.