Court Reporting Services — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Magna understands that a perfect deposition is the key to any winning case. To assure you every advantage at trial, we invest in the best and most experienced court reporters and arm them with the latest technology. We offer nationwide court reporting and 24-hour scheduling, assuring you reliable service at competitive rates.

We offer:

  • Nationwide Internet Scheduling
  • Interactive Internet Depositions
  • Realtime Court Reporting Services
  • Rough Disks
  • Videoconferencing
  • Conference Rooms
  • Complex Case Management
  • ASCll Disks
  • Condensed Transcripts

Court Reporting for Virtual / Zoom Depositions

With Magna LitigationVision (MLV), you can depose a witness from anywhere in the world. Magna provides clients with always reliable court reporting services and REAL-TIME video access to depositions, mediations, arbitrations, hearings, meetings and other proceedings. During the COVID crisis, we’re offering our MLV platform for FREE with a Magna court reporter.

  • Schedule a Court Reporter or Interpreter to Join Remotely
  • Connect Using Computers, Tablets or Even Smartphones
  • Display & Annotate Your Exhibits
  • Monitoring & Instant Tech Support
  • Free Platform Training Prior to Proceeding
  • Breakout Rooms (with remote facilitation)
  • Free Custom Virtual Backgrounds
  • Certified Trial Directors/ Exhibit Managers (MLV+)
  • Record Entire Session (mp4 format)
  • Reduced Costs & Time Efficient

Magna’s state-of-the-art video deposition services are complete with digitization and synchronization. Video testimony is one of the most effective tools for witness presentation and impeachment in the courtroom, and also makes your deposition review straightforward and more cost-effective than traditional paper review.

Tech Support for Virtual Depositions

You can be confident in hosting your event remotely— Magna will test equipment before the session and our tech support will be available from start to finish. The platform is fully encrypted & secure
Help is always just a click away. You could use MLV’s chat feature to ask tech support any questions you have and get immediate help.

Complete Deposition/ Exhibit Management

Magna LitigationVision Plus (MLV+) will provide you with full session management powered by one of Magna’s seasoned trial technicians. Combining years of courtroom tech experience with Magna’s virtual platform, MLV+ managers provide seamless support by:

  • Presenting exhibits, demonstratives and videos
  • Real-time management of annotations, zooming, blow-ups, highlights and markings
  • Creating and managing break-out rooms

Equipment Rental

Don’t have the equipment? No problem! Magna offers a state-of-the-art flight pack system: iPad & stand, bluetooth speaker, conference phone, hotspot & extension cable. We ship these flight packs hundreds of times per year, often to last-minute events.

Professional Virtual Backgrounds

Put your best face forward, no matter where you’re streaming from. Magna’s team of talented designers will create custom virtual backgrounds tailored to your firm’s branding. For FREE. Choose a design, and we’ll customize it with your firm’s logo and colors.

Certified Legal Videography

Certified legal videographers (CLV) are available for all MLV events and have the ability to swear in witnesses.
The videographer will provide you with an official copy of the event, for both on and off record.

Ready to Schedule a Deposition?

You can schedule court reporting services 24/7 online or by contacting us at [email protected] or 866.624.6221.