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Legal Video Services & Support

The deposition is the cornerstone of discovery and building a solid case. With trial in mind, capturing a deponent’s testimony via legal video services can be the difference in effectively communicating credible (or not credible) testimony.

With Magna, you can remotely hold depositions, arbitrations, meetings, witness communication training, mock trials, and other jury research sessions.

Magna Legal Service’s in-house videography department employs highly experienced legal videographers providing the widest range of video deposition solutions. Using up-to-date technology, the most current video formats and industry standard software, Magna’s video department delivers the highest quality final product to take you from discovery to trial.

Video Services

  • In-house videographers
  • Worldwide deposition coverage
  • Certified Trial Director technicians
  • Video / transcript sync (DepoView)
  • Editing, cutting, and redacting video for trial use
  • Site inspections
  • Day-in-the-Life videos
  • Courtroom video playback
  • Multimedia video depositions (Magna-fy Depos)
  • Picture-in-Picture video technology
  • Hyperlinking exhibits to synced video formats (LEF, XMEF, SBF, PTZ, MDB)
  • Audio & video conversions
  • VHS digitization
  • Green screen productions

Virtual Online Depositions

With Magna LitigationVision (MLV), you can depose a witness virtually from anywhere in the world. MLV provides clients with real-time access to depositions, meetings, hearings and mediations.
  • Connect Using Computers, Tablets or Even Smartphones
  • Record Entire Session (mp4 format)
  • Display & Annotate Your Exhibits
  • Schedule a Court Reporter or Interpreter to Join Remotely
  • Free Platform Training Prior to Proceeding
  • Monitoring & Instant Tech Support
  • Breakout Rooms (with remote facilitation)
  • Certified Trial Directors/ Exhibit Managers (MLV+)

You can be confident in hosting your event remotely — Magna will test each party’s equipment before the online session and our tech support will be available from start to finish. The MLV platform is fully encrypted and secure.

Certified Legal Videography (CLV) is available for all MLV depositions. The videographer will provide you with an official copy of the event, for both on and off record.

Equipment Rental: Magna offers a state-of-the-art flight pack system (iPad and stand, speaker, conference phone, hotspot, and extension cable). We ship these flight packs hundreds of times per year, often to last-minute depositions.

Complete Virtual Deposition Management

Magna LitigationVision Plus (MLV+) will provide you with full deposition management powered by one of Magna’s award-winning trial technicians. Combining years of courtroom tech experience with Magna’s virtual platform, our deposition managers are able to provide seamless support throughout the duration of your event. The deposition manager will handle:

  • Presenting exhibits, demonstratives and videos
  • Real-time management of annotations, zooming, blow-ups, highlights and markings
  • Creating and managing break-out rooms (moving people in between rooms, controlling room access and overseeing confidentiality)

“Magna-fy” Depositions

  • Customization to attorneys’ needs
  • Live Picture-in-Picture captured in HD
  • Display exhibits to witness using Trial Director on a laptop, or using a mini Elmo, or both
  • Touchscreen monitors for witness to annotate exhibits
  • Multiple monitors for attending attorneys to view
  • Great for trial depositions and expert witnesses
  • Trial Director certified videographers and technicians

Video Teleconference Facilities

Magna Legal Services operates state of the art video conference facilities.  Whether you need to initiate or join a VTC anywhere across the globe, Magna’s cross platform technology will provide a strong secure connection. Our video and voice software allows one-to-one or group video communication. Our VTC program has a proven track record of reliability with added security features that other video platforms and other video conferencing services simply cannot match.

  • Manages complex, multi-feed videoconferences
  • Global, real-time deposition participation
  • Participate from any Wi-Fi enabled, camera-ready device
  • Low cost alternative to multiple party travel expenses
  • Present exhibits and share annotations
  • Anti-freeze and audio-priority technology
  • Dial into any VTC compatible video conference system

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Ted Schaer, Esq. - Zarwin, Baum, DeVito Kaplan, Schaer & Toddy PC

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Michael Caplan - Naples Conference, FL 2012

I was looking for a case valuation solution for a high exposure series of cases and Magna was able to create a system to provide me with what I needed. I have used JuryEvaluator on several cases and the results have been predictive and instrumental in resolving cases!

Steve Dzury - Senior Vice President, Claims, Berkley Public Entity Managers

There are many firms providing quality document translation. I get a call once a week. The main reason I work with Magna is their ability to be flexible. I had a difficult client that required a fast turnaround and of course they didn’t want to pay for the rush. My rep was able to pull the necessary levers to meet the time line at a price my client could afford.

Darren C. Barreiro - Partner, Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP

I’ve taken hundreds if not thousands of depositions as an attorney and I go back to Magna each time because they are easy to deal with, deliver flawless transcripts and they are always accessible as they operate on a 24/7 basis.

Glenn Bergenfield, Esq - Glenn A. Bergenfield, P.C.